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ISARD-2013 Proceedings


Call for Papers: International Journal of Remote Sensing (IJRS) Special Issue
on Remote Sensing of Atmospheric Radiation and Dynamics

A special issue of the IJRS on Remote Sensing of atmospheric radiation and dynamics has recently been approved by the IJRS Editorial Board. The Guest Editors of this IJRS special issue are Prof. Arthur P. Cracknell from Dundee University (UK) and Prof. Costas Varotsos from Athens University (GR).

The IJRS is published 24 times a year in online and print editions. For the past four years, IJRS has been the largest Remote Sensing journal in the world. With an SCI Impact Factor of 1.117 and an H-index of 88, it is also extremely influential, both within its own field and within the wider scientific community. Since 1994, the IJRS has published papers by authors from 122 different countries and been cited in turn by more than 8,600 researchers worldwide. The IJRS is concerned with the science and technology of remote sensing and the applications of remotely sensed data in all major disciplines.

This special issue is linked to the biennial International Symposium “Atmospheric Radiation and Dynamics” (ISARD–2013), which is going to be held at St. Petersburg-Petrodvorets, Russia during 24 – 27 June, 2013 (http://onlinereg.ru/site.php?go=195&page=3966&lang=ENG). The objective of this special issue is to put together outstanding papers on recent advances in all disciplines of atmospheric radiation and dynamics. We welcome papers on satellite sounding of the atmosphere and surface, remote sensing of atmosphere and underlying surface in different spectral ranges, radiative transfer theory,  radiation-cloud and radiation-aerosol interactions, radiative climatology and algorithms in models for weather and climate forecasting, studies of radiative characteristics of the atmosphere and surface, wave characteristics, macro-circulation and dynamics interactions in the atmosphere of the Earth, structure of the middle and upper atmosphere of the Earth, photochemistry and kinetics of excited states of atoms and molecules and non-LTE radiation in the atmosphere of the Earth.

Eligible full length research papers are required to be submitted online using the Journal’s Manuscriptcentral© website: http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/tres. Authors are strongly encouraged to follow the Journal’s Instructions for Authors and the Further Notes on Style, which will be found on the Journal’s website. When submitting a paper you will be asked (a) whether your paper is for a special issue or not and (b) if it is for a special issue you will be asked to specify which special issue, to which the answer should be “Remote Sensing of Atmospheric Radiation and Dynamics”.
For further information, please contact Prof. Costas Varotsos (covar@phys.uoa.gr) or Prof. Arthur P. Cracknell (apcracknell774787@yahoo.co.uk).

Submission Deadline: extended from 20 July to 31 July 2013.

The information for authors are on site http://www.tandfonline.com/toc/tres20/current.


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