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Swiss-Russian seminar "Global ozone and climate: past, present and future" was held 13-15 March 2006 at Davos (Switzerland).

Participants and reports:

G. Golitsyn (Russia). Distribution functions for atmospheric vortices.
A. Ohmura (Switzerland). On long-term variability of global radiation and its cause.
Yu. Timofeyev (Russia). Trace gas and aerosol sounding of the atmosphere in the Sun occultation experiment with SAGE III device.
Th. Peter (Switzerland). Heterogeneous ice nucleation in organic aerosols and its role in climate.
I. Karol (Russia). Analysis of spatial and temporal total ozone variations over the Russian territory from ground based measurements in 1973 - 2004.
J. Stahelin (Switzerland). Long-term trends in stratospheric ozone: Signs for recovery ?
I. Mokhov (Russia). Model estimations of the impact of climate change in Eurasia.
W. Schmutz (Switzerland). Future measurements of solar spectral irradiance from space: LYRA and PREMOS instruments.
A. Poberovsky (Russia). Ground-based spectroscopic measurements of CH4, CO and CO2 total contents over Russia.
J. Beer (Switzerland). Long-term solar variability derived from cosmogenic radionuclides.
E. Volodin (Russia). Modeling of climate changes in 20-22 centuries.
S. Bronnimann (Switzerland). Interannual to decadal variability of stratospheric ozone and its coupling with the large-scale tropospheric circulation.
V. Yushkov (Russia). Ozone depletion in the Arctic polar vortex for winter-spring periods.
R. Stubi (Switzerland). Monitoring of the Atmospheric Ozone in Switzerland.
M. Wild (Switzerland). From dimming to brightening: Decadal changes in solar radiation at the Earth's surface.
E. Rozanov (Switzerland). Simulation of the future ozone and climate.
T. Egorova (Switzerland). The response of the atmosphere to the decadal scale Solar variability.
N. Kampfer (Switzerland). From diurnal to decadal variations in middle atmospheric ozone as observed at Bern.

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