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   The site is the oficial site of Russian Radiation Commission (RRC). It was opened on 26 December, 2000 to give the information on the RRC activity, future conferences interesting for scientists working in the field of atmospheric radiation, new projects and scientific achievements. In addition, the site gives a possibility for the intercommunication between our colleagues.

   Working group of the site authors:
   Yu.M. Timofeyev (E-mail:  -  RRC Chairman;
   E.M. Shulgina (E-mail:  -  the site coordinator;
   A.O. Semenov (E-mail:  -  the site designer.

   Information for conference organizers:
   If topics of your conference are in agreement with the fields of atmospheric optics, environment radiation, satellite measurements, climate problems, etc. and you would like to see the information on your conference on the site, please, e-mail the information to
E.M. Shulgina.   

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