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Russian Radiation Commission
Reviews and Reports

Reviews and Reports on Former Conferences and Seminars

Review of Russian scientific activity in the frames of Russian Radiation Commission (2011-2014)
During 2011-2014 the Russian Radiation Commission in cooperation with interested departments and institutions hold two International Symposiums of Radiation and Dynamics (ISARD-2011, ISARD-2013). At these conferences most actual problems of atmospheric physics (radiation transfer and atmospheric optics, greenhouse gases, clouds and aerosols, climate changes, remote measurement methods, new observation data) were discussed. In this review, 6 directions of studies covering the complete spectrum of investigations in atmospheric radiation are given ...
See Review (380 Kb)

ISAR-2 - International Symposium of former USSR countries on Atmospheric Radiation.
(St.Petersburg, June 18-21, 2002)
  ISAR-2 Analytical Review (27 Kb)

IAMAS-2001 - Report on participation at VIII Congress of IAMAS
(Innsbruck, Austria, 10-18 July, 2001)

SAGE-III - Scientific Seminar of USA and Russian scientists
"SAGE-III Test Data Review Meeting"

(St. Petersburg, Russia, 1 - 2 March, 2000)
11 USA scientists took part at the Seminar. Scientists of Atmospheric Physics Department at St. Petersburg State University participated from Russian side...

IRS 2000 - International Radiation Symposium
(St.Petersburg, Russia, 24 - 29 July, 2000)
List of IRS 2000 participants includes 430 scientists from 33 countries including 130 Russian participants and 17 scientists from Former USSR countries. Real number of participants exceeds 550. It was the most large symposium in the IRC history as in the number of participants as in the number of presented theses (656)...
See IRS-2000 Review (91 Kb)

Review of Russian scientific activity in the frames of Russian Radiation Commission interests (1999-2002)
Topics of investigations performed in Russia in the field of atmospheric radiation are very extensive therefore five lines of studies involving the complete specter of scientific treatments are represented ...
See Review (220 Kb)

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